Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Giclée Print?

  • Giclée is a French word meaning “spraying of ink.” Giclée prints are museum quality reproductions printed using pigmented inks on archival canvas. Longevity tests show the inks to be colorfast for approximately 120 years. Intense, direct lighting may reduce the longevity of the product, but reasonable lighting conditions should have very little, if any, effect.
  • Giclée characteristics include:
    1. They are printed using long lasting archival inks, which provide UV protection.
    2. A wider and deeper color range is available compared to other processes.
    3. Giclées are very accurate to the original art.
    4. The canvas used to print giclées give the look of an original painting.
    5. Canvas giclées are cured with UV inhibitor varnish.
    6. Gicleés are framed like original art without matte or glass.
    7. Canvas giclées have no glare.
    8. The quality of the image, color and printing techniques are exceptional.
  • Care of a Giclée Print: Stretched or mounted canvas giclée prints should be stored vertically with plastic or wax paper between them. Unstretched/unmounted canvases should be stored flat or rolled. Store giclées away from heat and moisture sources. Giclées printed on canvas are water and UV resistant, but NOT waterproof. These prints are susceptible to streaking and smudging if they come into contact with liquid/moisture.To remove dust from a canvas giclée, gently wipe with a soft, dry cloth. Avoid direct sunlight and intense, direct light.

What does “limited edition” mean?

  • There are a limited number of each giclée print produced. The edition of a print is determined by its size and how many prints of each size are available. Each giclée print is signed and numbered by Jason Rich and comes with a certificate of authenticity. Editions/sizes are not restocked once they sell out.

Can I commission Jason to do an original painting?

  • Jason does accept commissions, selectively. Please contact us directly to discuss your commission project. If you are interested in acquiring an original Jason Rich painting of particular subject matter, let us know what price range, size, and subject matter of Jason’s work you are interested in and we can notify you when that type of painting becomes available. The best way for us to notify you about new works is to sign up for our email newsletter, follow “Jason Rich, Artist” Facebook page and “jasonrich_art” on Instagram for updates.

Which galleries represent Jason Rich?

  • Jason Rich is currently represented in four galleries: Legacy Gallery in Scottsdale, AZ; Legacy Gallery in Santa Fe, CA; Illume Gallery West in Philipsburg, MT; and Cawdrey Gallery in Whitefish, MT.

How long does it take Jason to create an original painting?

  • Each work of art is unique and the creative process varies depending on the size, subject matter, technique, reference material, etc. so it’s difficult to equate. But Jason works 8-10 hours a day and produces 20-30 paintings per year on average.

Is there any original Jason Rich art offered on his website?

  • Original art currently available for sale is featured on the the home page menu of this website under “Original Art Available.” Some originals are available through galleries and shows, and some are available directly from the website and are labeled accordingly. You can receive notifications about new original art as it comes available by signing up for our newsletter and through Facebook and Instagram updates.

Can I use one of Jason's images?

  • All Jason Rich artwork in any/all forms remains the sole and exclusive copyrighted property of Jason Rich, even after selling the original, unless he relinquishes his rights. All materials on this website, including images/text/design/layout and any other website and/or media featuring Jason Rich artwork, are copyrighted and are the exclusive property of Jason Rich. Reproduction of any Jason Rich property without express written consent is unlawful and prohibited. Infringements will be pursued legally.

How can I determine the current value of a Jason Rich painting/print?

  • Jason is not an appraiser and cannot give official appraisals, even of his own work. For a general idea of current price ranges for Jason’s paintings/prints, check the “Art Gallery” pages of this website.
  • For insurance/legal purposes: If you own/acquire valuable artwork you need to review your insurance policy and work with your agent to ensure you have sufficient coverage. To get a valid appraisal, artwork must be inspected in person by a professional appraiser; photographs will not suffice. You can locate an appraiser in your local directories, by contacting a gallery or museum in your area, or the American Society of Appraisers at

 If I find a piece of Jason's art on the secondary market, what should I look for as proof of authenticity?

  • Jason has always signed his original paintings J. Rich. When Jason was a member of the Cowboy Artists of America from 2011-20 his signature included a “CA” next to it. Jason’s original paintings have the title, date, and J. Rich signature written in permanent ink on the back, though a few early works may not.
  • Jason’s prints should have a cursive signature of Jason R. Rich in permanent ink and an edition number next to it, if it was part of a limited edition.

Can I sell Jason Rich art on EBay?

  • When artists create artwork, they own the copyright to any/all reproduction of their original pieces of art, even after it’s sold, unless they relinquish their rights.
  • When a piece of artwork is consigned to a gallery or an auction, they must obtain written consent from the artist (creator) for the image of that artwork to be used in advertisements (printed/online) for promotion. Without such permission, the use of the image is a copyright infringement, and as such, the artist may take legal action.
  • EBay recognizes, respects and promotes artists rights, and as such works to develop and enforce policies and procedures for protecting intellectual property. The program, called the Verified Rights Owner (VeRO) Program, now counts among its participants over 28,000 companies and individuals, who may elect to post “VeRO: Participant About Me” pages, which tells what their individual legal position is with regard to their intellectual property (link: If you’re considering selling artwork on EBay, please review the VeRO pages thoroughly first. This list is not all-inclusive, so if you don’t find the artist listed, you should contact the rights owner regarding their products and/or policies to avoid legal consequences.

Do you offer framing?

  • We do not offer framing at this time.

What is your return policy?

  • Jason Rich wants his collectors to be completely happy with any piece of his art. If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, please contact us directly within 30 days of purchase for return instructions.

Will I be charged sales tax?

  • It varies according to US state/country and will be applied according to current laws. 

How much is shipping?

  • Shipping (for giclée canvas prints and sketches shipped directly from Jason Rich Studios) will be calculated on a per order basis at checkout.
  • Original painting shipping costs and procedures vary by gallery.